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In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, innovation can take many forms and be originated both internally and through collaborations. At the heart of this innovation lies a powerful resource: the vibrant creativity and fresh perspectives of students.

By forging strategic partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), such as the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), KLASS is able to tap into a wealth of novel ideas and cutting-edge research, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels both corporate innovation and academic enrichment. Each capstone project team is assigned a mentor from KLASS, typically a subject-matter expert in the relevant field of interest. Mentors provide technical guidance on the best practices for each student group, allowing them to enhance the students’ technical expertise. Mentors also benefit from the fresh perspectives in tackling the ever-changing technological landscape, driving success through continuous innovation.

At our recent demo day held on 23 May 2024, we hosted 4 teams from SUTD who presented their capstone projects to both Klassmates and our clients. 2 notable projects include VMMRoom and E.V.A.

VMMRoom is a combined Automatic Number-Plate Recognition and Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (ANPR-VMMR) system, with the capability of detecting fraudulent license plates in real time. Leveraging the KLASS-developed ANPR & VMMR models, the solution is able to predict licence plates & vehicle-make of road-going vehicles in real-time, sending notifications of suspicious vehicles to law-enforcement officials and allowing the archiving of the data in a portable form factor.

Figure 1: VMMRoom Demo Video

E.V.A. is a virtual interactive space that uses artificial intelligence for remote training, aims to enhance homeland trainees’ capabilities in dealing with tense, unpredictable, and escalated situation. The solution has wide-ranging use cases for many other training scenarios, giving trainees an immersive and realistic training experience while allowing trainers to evaluate a comprehensive analysis of trainee performance.

Figure 2: E.V.A. Demo Video

The recently-held demo day is the second completed capstone project in our ongoing partnership with SUTD. At our inaugural demo day, we also hosted 4 teams featuring innovative public safety solutions.

One interesting project would be Eyedentify, a wearable camera which allows full range of view (360 Degrees). The solution features 3 camera modules mounted on a neckband , allowing human detection and person re-identification using neural network models. A wearable belt also provides haptic feedback to alert the user wirelessly when a suspicious individual is detected. This helps to safeguard law enforcement officials from possible abuse or malicious intent.

Figure 3: Eyedentify Demo Video

Moving forward, we intend to continue and strengthen our collaborations with IHLs to jointly work on public safety problem statements and incubate innovative ideas. If you are a student or educator in an IHL with a passion for advancing the safety of our communities, we would like to work with you. Drop us an email at to explore possible collaborations with us.